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  • Advise online shoppers whenever you're available, 24/7
  • Share your passion for products available on Sennheiser.com
  • Help people with your expertise
  • Earn a $2.07 per chat handled

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Our top specialists are further motivated with perks and rewards!

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Once you have been approved by ibbü and Senhheiser,  you’re ready to start advising online shoppers on rona.ca.


Earn money

Earn $2.07 per chat handled

Your human touch
to help online shoppers

As a specialist paid to share your knowledge, you’ll guide online customers toward the Sennheiser products that fit their individual needs.

What do you need?

- Valid state ID

- Must be 18 years or older

- Bank account or PayPal to receive your earnings each week

- A laptop or mobile device